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Top 10 Tips1) Paint, clean or replace the front door. As this will be the first and last thing people will see from their evaluation of your home, make it impressive and memorable.

2) Walk around your house and evaluate your decor. Painting your home may be the most time-consuming task of all the tips offered here, but it is definitely affordable and possible for most people. It is also a wonderful way to improve the appearance of your house.`

3) Check your guttering and downpipes, and clean your roof if necessary by removing leaves and debris. This helps to create a complete tidy home image from the street and garden.

4) A clean driveway without oil stains, free of debris or litter will do wonders for a property.

5) Take a long, hard look at your garden. Trimming the shrubbery and trees and keeping the grass looking good is a must. Another nice touch: Planting flowers can add color and style to a dull garden.

6) Check your gates and fences for serviceability. Are the entrances in working order? A quick, cheap fix is to make sure hinges and latches are oiled and working properly or even replaced if necessary. Don't be shy about slapping a new coat of paint on your fence if needed.

7) Clean out your garage. You haven't listened to those vinyl records since the 60's and you took that gnome statue out of your yard 5 years ago! If you need to make some quick extra cash, try placing your old belongings on eBay. If you just have to keep these things, then consider options for storage. You want your potential buyers to be thinking about all the space they will have available for their cars (or even their junk!) in their new garage. Repeat this process in your loft area and basement if you have those as well.

8) Make sure your windows look clean, painted, and are in working order well in advance of any viewings.

9) Ensure that the interior of your home is neat and clean, but also smells good. Ever notice how good the smell of those Aromatherapy candles makes you feel? The scent of anything unclean can turn a buyer off faster than all of the other points combined.

10) Patch up any holes or chips in the walls with filler, followed by sanding and painting. All the materials are affordable at any local home improvement store and with a minimal amount of effort.

These are just a few items that will help you in your home improvement mission. You already know more about your property than anyone else and now you have a good reminder list to help you get started making your property more valuable and easier to sell. This is needed even more in these tough economic times. This will help sell your property for more money and in most cases you will sell faster. Even if you only implement one or two of these tips, you will be in a much better position as a homeowner and seller.

The last and often most important point is to choose the right Estate Agent, for a free no obligation Valuation call us on 020 8301 4444 or email us on info@pickeringestates.co.uk

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